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Pentel Orenz .5



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The Pentel Orenz is finally available in a .5mm! They've taken extra precautions with this pencil to enable you to protect the needle nose tip by making it retractable. The secret to this pencil is the ability to protract just a small amount of lead at a time, leading to a stronger lead point than you would expect from a typical mechanical pencil.

  • .5 mm lead size
  • Refillable lead
  • Available in 5 stylish body colors: Berry Purple, Soda Blue, Mint Green, Cherry Red, and Peach Pink.
  • 13mm x 9mm x 145mm
  • 10g
  • Hidden refillable eraser under cap
  • Also available in original .2mm and .3mm tip sizes


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The pencil really protects the lead as you use it up just like the 0.2 mm Orenz by sliding up as the lead becomes smaller and smaller. The colors are absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend this mechanical pencil!