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Pentel Orenz Grip Metal .5mm



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The Pentel Orenz Metal Grip is now available in a new .5mm size! The Pentel Orenz features an innovative pipe tip that protects your lead as you write. You start writing without the lead protruding, and the pencil feeds your lead as necessary. This protects your super fine lead from breakage, and enables you to write with a finer lead than you might usually be able. Choose from Sky Blue, Red, Black, and Silver. Pentel recommends using the Ain Stein lead.


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I really enjoy all 3 sizes of the Orenz. At first, you may think that the advanced lead protection features of this pencil are not necessary on a 0.5 mm lead size. 2 features make this an exceptional pencil in this size: 1.) the lead sleeve completely retracts, making this model pocket safe, and 2.) the lead sleeve moves into the body as you write. This much travel gives me a full written page (with 0.5) before the next lead advance. The grip feels unusual but I adapted quickly. I found the black anodized grip gives less 'bite' to the rings and is a little more comfortable.