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Tombow Mono Graph Pastel


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Tombow Mono Graph Pastel pencil is a comfortable .5 drawing pencil with a handy twist up eraser. The Mono Graph is also a shaker pencil, which means you can shake to advance the lead.

  • Your choice of coral pink, sakura pink, cream yellow, ice blue, mint green, and lavender
  • Eraser Refills available


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I love these pencils! They write wonderfully, and you can choose to use it either as a clicker or a shaker pencil, as the shaker feature can be locked into an off position. I also love the colors. (I have the green and yellow. My daughter has the purple.) Also, the eraser works great and is a much larger size than you get with most mechanical pencils. It twists to bring up more of the eraser as you need it.