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Uni Alpha Gel Shaka-Shaka

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The Uni Alpha Gel Shaka-Shaka from Mitsubishi is a very cool shaker mechanical pencil in a body as comfortable as the Uni Alpha Gel Sharp. We love the super comfortable squishy grip, which provides some relief for those who experience tension issues when writing. The knock-to-lock mechanism on this pencil is very cool, too! A soft knock will still allow you to advance the lead like a regular mechanical pencil, and a hard-knock will lock the shake-to-advance feature. This way when you throw your pencil in your school bag or purse, the shaker feature will be locked off.

The feature photo showing the white grips is the 'chrome color' series: Chrome Pink, Chrome Red, Chrome Orange, Chrome Green, Chrome Light Blue, and Chrome Black. Rose Pink, Royal Blue, and Black versions are shown in the photos below with the colored grips.

  • Available in 9 different body accent colors: Chrome Orange, Chrome Green, Chrome Light Blue, Chrome Pink, Chrome Red, Chrome Black, Black, Royal Blue, and Rose Pink.
  • Click-top .5 mm lead mechanical pencil
  • Eraser under cap
  • Fat body with the famous alpha gel squishy grip
  • Shaker feature, which is also lockable
  • Refillable eraser

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