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Uni Color 3



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A multi color mechanical pencil that you can refill with any color .5mm pencil lead of your choice. Each pencil comes pre-filled with .5mm erasable Uni lead in red, orange, and blue. Erasable Uni lead works very well on white or black paper!

  • Choose from Pure White, Cherry Pink, or Sky Blue barrel color.
  • Refill with any .5mm lead! We recommend the Uni Nano Dia Colored Lead.
  • Pairs well with the Uni Colored Lead Eraser.
  • Use this lead on light or dark paper!
  • Each pencil is pre-filled with red, orange, and blue lead.


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This is a solid, functional multi pencil with a small, capped eraser on the end. It has a wide grip and the weight is distributed slightly towards the end. It took me a bit of research and experimentation to figure out how to use it, so I hope this helps! Extending the lead: Firstly, extend the colour component of your choice out using its clip. Then, push down the same clip, all the way to the bottom. Refilling the lead: Remove the clear barrel of the pencil by twisting. Tug on the coloured plastic/metal part of the component until it comes off. This is done easier by using a textured piece of fabric, like a towel.