My first experience.

I am very impressed with tokyopens,i will be doing more purchasing from them,i ordered thursday,and recieved my zebra delguard er mechanical pencils...

Mitsubishi PiN Watertype


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Tokyo Pen Shop enlisted the help of every felt-tip pen lover we knew to find the very best. Mitsubishi PiN was indisputably the winner. This version is waterproof and fade proof!

  • Available in 01, 02, or 03 tip sizes
  • Available in black ink (blue no longer in production)
  • Waterproof and fade proof pigment ink
  • Original version also available


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These aren't exactly waterproof, as Kuretake Clean Colour brush pens (water based ink) will smear them. Zebra Midliners will also smear them. Fude Touch Sign brush pens play nicely with them however. Despite that, these pens are great. Crisp black ink, smooth to write, and you can get a couple different line thicknesses with a single tip size depending on how the pen is held.