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Thank you for the great customer service and speedy shipping. After recently spending 3 weeks in Japan, I really enjoyed using Japanese writing pens...

Erasable Frixion Ball 2 Biz



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The erasable pen from Pilot that actually erases is now available in a super attractive slim multi-pen! This pen is perfect for people who need to erase their pen marks, but want to have more than one color at hand. The Frixion multi is a sleek matte metal. With a futuristic top that hides your eraser, we know crafters love to use it for fabric - pen marks disappear under the heat of an iron! We like to use this pen for taking notes on printed documents. We often annotate books, charts, or calendars and love to use this pen when we might need to change our notes.


  • Pen body arrives with a .38 mm red and black ink.
  • Pen Body Colors available in Black, Gray, Dark Blue, Pink, Ice Blue, and Pearl White.
  • Refillable with any colorful Frixion Ball Slim Refill!
  • Also Refillable, with .5 mm packs that include all 3 colors!


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I delayed ordering this pen for months, believing I didn't need it. I was wrong. I ordered the Ice Blue. I love the weight of the pen. I have wine red & violet in it. If you like Frixion, this is the one to get.