I just received my order, which took only 3 days to get here from the day I placed my order. I am so, so excited. I lived in Japan for a few years,...

Erasable Frixion Ball 3


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The erasable pen from Pilot that actually erases is now available in a multi-pen! This pen is perfect for people who need to erase their pen marks, but want to have multiple colors at hand. The Frixion multi is bright and cheerful. The body of the pen is a unique mix of translucent and opaque material. It has a shiny metallic futuristic barrel with a rocket-cone shaped eraser tip. We know crafters love to use it for fabric - pen marks disappear under the heat of an iron! We like to use this pen for taking notes on printed documents. We often annotate books, charts, or calendars and love to use this pen when we might need to change our notes.


  • Pen bodies containing .5 mm refills available in 5 colors: black, blue, light blue, pink, and light green
  • Pen bodies containing .38 mm refills available in 5 colors: Silver, Soft Pink, Lavender, Gray, and Mint Green
  • Each multi pen includes blue, black, and red inks
  • Refillable, with packs that include all 3 colors!
  • Also refillable with any Frixion Ball Slim Refill!
  • Comfortable grip


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These are life-changing pens! They are cute to look at, comfortable to hold, and the locking mechanism works well. Ink flows like a dream, but the best part is that they erase so cleanly! I heard a lot of hype about these pens while I was in Japan and I didn't know what to think, but they deliver!