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Jetstream 3 Color Slim Compact


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The Mitsubishi Jetstream is an oil-based ballpoint pen that writes as smoothly as a gel ink pen. The Jetstream 3 Color Slim Compact is a multi-pen including three colors of Jetstream ink (blue, black, and red). You choose from 2 different tip sizes (.38 mm or .5 mm). Refills are available in more sizes, too!

  • .38mm and .5mm
  • Each pen includes blue, black, and red ink
  • Slim body: 11mm grip (.4")
  • Barrel colors with .5 ink available in: white, navy, black, and bordeaux.
  • Barrel colors with .38 ink available in mint green, lavender, and baby pink.
  • Comfortable grip
  • Refills available
  • Feel free to refill any size combination in any pen, no matter what sizes came in the pen initially.
  • Slide lever to extract ink choice
  • Jetstream 4+1 also available

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