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Jetstream 3


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The Mitsubishi Jetstream is an oil-based ballpoint pen that writes as smoothly as a gel ink pen. The Jetstream 3 is a multi-pen including three colors of Jetstream ink (blue, black, and red). You choose from 4 different tip sizes (.38 mm (New Size!), .5 mm, .7 mm, and 1.0 mm (New Size!)). Refills are available and very popular for this pen!

  • .38, .5, .7, and 1.0mm tip sizes available
  • Each pen includes blue, black, and red ink
  • Barrel colors with .7 ink available in: black, transparent, pink, green, and blue
  • Barrel colors with .5 ink available in: rose pink, navy, and black
  • Barrel colors with .38 ink available in rose pink, baby pink, navy, and black.
  • Barrel colors with 1.0 available in Transparent (with Black grip).
  • Comfortable grip
  • Refills available
  • Feel free to refill any size combination in any pen, no matter what sizes came in the pen initially.
  • Slide lever to extract ink choice
  • Jetstream 2+1 also available
  • Jetstream Prime 3 also available
  • Jetstream 4+1 also available


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Need a pen that will give you a crisp line and is a staple in your pen collection? I have always been a a loyal Jetstream pen because I like the ballpoint type pen more than the gel inks because the gels bleed at times depending on the paper. However, I recently discovered the Jetstream 3. The lines are great, even the .7 which I often think of as too broad produces a nice line that seems more like a .5 for regular pens. My favorite is the .38 especially when I am writing on the Midori Traveler's Notebook pages or in the calendars.
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I love this pen! The locking mechanism works well and the pen is comfortable to hold. I got the 0.38 mm in Rose Pink and the 0.7 mm in Pink, and it's worth noting that the ink flows much more smoothly in the 0.7 mm barrel. Still, the 0.38 pen makes clean and narrow lines—perfect for tiny kanji.
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Wow I received my order today. I love this pen. It writes very smoothly.
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This pen is so awesome. It writes very smooth and is easy to hold. My handrwriting looks better already.