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Kumamon Limited Edition Dr. Grip 4 + 1



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The popular Dr. Grip 4 + 1 in a limited edition Kumamon design. Kumamon is a mascot of the Kumamoto Project, which raises money for the Kumamoto earthquake relief effort. The Dr. Grip 4 + 1 Kumamon comes with four colors of .7 mm AcroInk (black, blue, red, green) and a .5 mm mechanical pencil. Hidden eraser underneath cap. Erasers and ink refills available.


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Definitely an upgrade to my other customizable multi pens. I always preferred the versitility to my Uni Style Fits, with the addition of this pen, I've taken that versitility to the next level. This design is so super cute, so glad I took the plunge and grabbed this special edition. Love the weight, super comfortable to write with and the standard ink flows rather nicely as well.