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Today on Tuesday(3/25/12), I received my first order from Tokyo Pen Shop. I placed the order on Sunday (3/25/12). The service here is very helpful...

Sarasa 3

$5.75  $2.88
Save: 50% off


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The Zebra Sarasa 3 combines the smooth gel ink of the Zebra Sarasa Clip with the convenience of a multi-pen. This pen glides! Everyone will notice this unique and stylish pen.

  • Available in four different barrel colors: blue, white, wine, and black.
  • Each pen contains three colors of .5 gel ink: blue, black, and red.
  • Pen is extremely comfortable with its rubberized grip
  • Refillable.


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I found the Sarasa 0.5 clip on a business trip to Japan in June of 2013. LOVED IT. Went looking for refills and stumbled upon Tokyopenshop.com! As a fan of multi-pens (and I have some EXPENSIVE ones in the pen arena) I was THRILLED to find a 0.5 SARASA multi! I'm left handed so this and the Uni Jetstream are now in my daily writers. No smearing! And the personal note from Kimberly and the colorful tape used to package the pens (and a Mitsubishi Shift) were great. I'm referring all my friends of fine point quality writing utensils to Tokyopenshop. Thanks!