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Japanese Pen Starter Kit



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The Japanese Starter Kit is a set of products from our store designed to give you an introduction to the world of Japanese pens. This carefully curated set includes pens in a variety of colors, tip sizes, and inks.

Set includes:


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I love this Pen Set. I use most pens on a daily. It really got me intrigued in Japanese Stationery. Highly recommend!
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On top of the amazing assortment of pens you get in this kit, the pen case is so portable! I've been looking for an easier way to keep a small amount of pens with me and I am going to carry this entire case with me! The pens are easy and accessible in a wide range of colors as well.
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Buy this kit! Every pen included is great. I've recently gotten into journaling and I'm really enjoying using these. The intermediate kit is now on my birthday wishlist! This was shipped and arrived fast. Love it.
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I got this as a gift for a writer friend. It was a big hit. She loved the practicality of it at the same time the fun element of trying out different kinds of pens that she may not normally buy for herself. The price point was perfect as well. Well done TPP
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Great shipping times. I really like all the pens. So does my wife, she stole most of them. I was really looking forward to the uniball signo, i thought it was going to be a redish black but its more of a purpley plum. I love the smoothness of it though, i will have to order a different color. Thank you for the hand written note. If anyone wants a finer lined pen but dont know where to start then get this set.
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Like the variety of pens. Very good idea for anyone who wants to try different type of pen. Also, received in 2 days. Couldn't ask for better service. Thank you.
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What a wonderful variety of pens. I'm loving the assortment of someone else's favorites so I can beef up my fun pen lineup. I can only say one negative thing about this product (and the whole site, for that matter): it's now sold out. :( Looking forward to a restock or a new variety!! Thanks so much for your informative YouTube videos and wide variety of fun products!! Keep up the superior service. :)
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Please restock this! I totally want one! I simply adore everything I have received from your shop.
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This starter kit is wonderful! I am thoroughly enjoying each pen! And, the colors...that Bourdeaux black is beautiful. I love the pen case too. It is the perfect size and holds lots of pens without adding bulk or weight in my purse. Thanks for offering such a great selection!