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I ordered the Juice pens all different colors in 0.5. I love the colors. Took them with me when I visited my granddaughter's 5 and 7 and they got...

Limited Edition i+ EnerGel for Clena


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The Pentel i+ Clena Three Color Shell holds any Sliccies refill or Energel refill in the i+ series. It comes filled with 3 inks to get you started. Bold Left-Hand Friendly EnerGel ink in black, blue, and red.

  • Choose from .4mm or .5mm EnerGel ink
  • Olive Green, Brown Beige, Burgundy, and Navy barrels are available with .4mm prefilled ink.
  • Burgundy and Navy barrels are also available with a .5mm prefilled ink option.
  • You can refill any tip size of your choice in your i+ barrels
  • Also holds Slicci Gel Refills
  • Ink colors can be seen through the clear part of the bottom barrel
  • Top of pen has a place to hold your favorite cell phone jack style phone charms!
  • Pairs well with FitLine Clena


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First, Kimberly knows the market. She predicted Olive Green would sell out first, and she was right. The videos are always so helpful and informative. I wish I’d watched it before buying. I would have bought a mint green highlighter. I like this version of the Pentel i +. The clip and levers look so nice with the colors of pens in this series. I bought beige brown and burgundy. In the same order I added the Midori Slim Pouch Diary in beige tartan. These pens pair do well with that cover. It will be my first experience with Evergel ink. I’m looking forward to trying it. I love customizable multi-pens. I was going to stop with a baker’s dozen, but well, these looked so attractive. And they are. Plus I wanted the Zebra Sarasa Select 5 fill Snoopy Baseball pen. Once I use up the ink provided, it will be fun to customize a trio of refills from Evergel, Sliccies, and pencil component. Thank you Tokyo Pen Shop for stocking the Pentel i + Evergel for Clena pens. They are pretty