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Pilot Juice Up


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The Pilot Juice Up is new to the Pilot gel line-up, and has the cult favorite needle-nose tip of the Pilot Hi-Tec C in a convenient click-top body. 10 bold colors available in .3 mm. .4 mm available in 10 bold colors plus 6 metallic and 6 pastel colors. .5mm available in black, blue, blue-black, and red. The Juice Up body is weighted more toward the bottom for a smoother writing experience. The grip is also very comfortable. Juice Up ink is a water-based pigment ink that is both water and light resistant.


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The lower weight feels nice, and the unique hybrid tip makes bullet journaling more precise. Unfortunately, I find the 0.4mm tip is temperamental; it writes fairly well on smooth bullet journal and textbook paper, but will likely skip on anything rougher. In addition, writing feels like a bumpy ride on non-smooth paper. I like the pen overall, but am disappointed it's not more versatile.
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Purchased the 0.5 blue and black pens. Writes smooth and fluid, fine tip, easy to write with. No noticeable smearing.
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I personally was not really fond of the Pink in 03. I loved how thin it was, but the ink was not flowing smoothly out of the tip, and it skips quite a bit, so I have to write slower than usual. I do want to try other colors in 03, because I find with some pens the ink will be juicier with some colors and not as juicy in certain colors, so hopefully this is the case with these pens. I'm definitely gonna try the 04 tip because Kimberly recommended it in the video :)
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I just received my order and I loooooooove this pen!! It write smoothly and I love the design of the pen. I am going to use this at my work and maybe I should order this pen for my co-worker for the Christmas. Please sell the refills. Doomo Arigato Tokyo Pens Shop!! 👍🏻🤓
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I just got my pens and they write like a dream. I love that they come in so many colors and ink shades. I hope Pilot makes a bronze metallic ink also. I will definitely order more. Thanks Tokyo Pen Shop.