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I just ordered some pens and they came really fast! ^^ And when I tried then out I was amazed. It writes super smoothly and the colors are great!...

Sarasa Select Ink

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The Zebra Sarasa Select gel ink cartridges feature the same vibrant ink you know and love from the Sarasa Clip line of gel pens. These Selects are made for customizing barrels in the Zebra Select Series

  • Available in 3 sizes: .3 mm, .4 mm, and .5 mm.
  • available in Light Pink, Pink, Magenta, Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Blue-Green, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Blue, Cobalt Blue, Blue Black, Purple, Brown, and Black.
  • Newly available in Neon Ink Refills!


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This was my least favorite of the mult-function pen inks. I have had several that stopped writing/dried up or never wrote fluidly to begin with. (Except black, which for some reason, I never have a problem with.) Even the character refills have given me problems on occasion. I have had to throw away several of my snoopy refills that weren't even empty because they just stopped working well. I love the pens they make...they always have such cute options, but I think I will switch to the other brand multi pens on this site...I have all of the other three, and I have had no such problems with the other brands, as of yet, and it has been quite some time. That being said, I have had no problems whatsoever with Tokyo Pen Shop and will continue to order from them.