All around awesome experience!

I was introduced to Tokyo Pen Shop when YouTube suggested I watch one of Kimberly's videos. I found Kimberly's videos to be very informative on what...


King Jim Adult Sticker Album

Amy H.
Awesome! I had almost 50 unopened sticker packs that are now neatly sorted and stored in two of these albums....

Erasable Frixion Ball 2 Clear Body (Custom Multi)

Brad S.
Disappointed to discover after receiving this pen that the Frixion Ball 2 is the same diameter as the 3, 12 mm. I liked that it had a rubber grip, but thought the pen diameter would be thinner, more like the Pilot HI-TEC-C Coleto 2....

Staedtler 925-25

Marie P.
Wow! Immediately goes into my top five favorite pencils. And that’s quite an accomplishment as that ranking has changed in years. Love the heavily textured grip. The pencil is nicely balanced... can use for hours with limited fatigue....

milloo Brick Distressed Brown

Marie P.
Perfect size to carry a fistful of pens and miscellaneous supplies. The floral lining gives a feminine touch to a rough and tumble distressed brown exterior. The leather is soft and supple but not frail. Can’t wait to add the cherry red when it is restocked!...

milloo Brick Pink Beige

Veronique C.
I saw their "What's in my pencil case" video on Youtube and after seeing this brand I just had to get one of the Brick models for myself in pink beige. The quality is beyond my expectations and the leather is so.. plush!! It's not stiff so you don't have to struggle keeping the sides open when reaching for your favorite pens. The lining is super beautiful and well made. I like to keep refills (mechanical pencil leads + erasers + multi pen extra colors) in the inside pocket and some of my favorite washi tape samples in the outside pocket :). I have SO many pens, and this pencil case fits all my favorites (approx. 25 pens), plus highlighters, a pencil, erasers, correction tape, compact scissors and calendar stamp for my penpal letter-writing sessions. And I still have room to spare! If you like journaling, do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these :) I'm coming for the Estia model next <3...

milloo Rec Double Copper Brown

Lori S.
I have this same case but in orange leather. I LOVE it. It is by far my favorite pen case, and I have LOTS, 5 of which are from Milloo. It's not too big to throw into my backpack for work, but it holds TONS of pens and pencils!!! The linings are always absolutely lovely, and the craftsmanship is excellent. I have one that is several years old, and it still looks practically new. No complaints at all. I know they are a little pricey, but it's going to be a case you have for a long time. ...

Pilot Juice

Lori S.
I love these pens, especially for coloring in adult coloring books. As such, I prefer the larger pens, .5 or .7. They write beautifully, and the ink flows very smooth...great for coloring. ...

Sarasa Clip Vintage 2019 Colors

Lori S.
Love these pens. They write great, and the ink runs smooth. Beautiful colors! I have all of them! ...

Hi-Tec C Coleto Ink Cartridge

Lori S.
Absolutely amazing. Every ink cartridge I've opened (and there have been LOTS so far) has worked FLAWLESSLY. Amazing flow, color, and vibrancy. Will absolutely continue to order these! My favorite. ...

Sarasa Select Ink

Lori S.
This was my least favorite of the mult-function pen inks. I have had several that stopped writing/dried up or never wrote fluidly to begin with. (Except black, which for some reason, I never have a problem with.) Even the character refills have given me problems on occasion. I have had to throw away several of my snoopy refills that weren't even empty because they just stopped working well. I love the pens they make...they always have such cute options, but I think I will switch to the other brand multi pens on this site...I have all of the other three, and I have had no such problems with the other brands, as of yet, and it has been quite some time.

That being said, I have had no problems whatsoever with Tokyo Pen Shop and will continue to order from them. ...

Tombow Mono Knock

Lori S.
Hands down best eraser I own! I have two so that I can keep one in my pencil cup at my desk and the other in my pen bag. My daughter also loves to use this for her artwork, as they have a very fine point, and she can use it to get into little spaces in her drawings to erase things. They are also easy to refill. ...

Tombow Mono Graph Pastel

Lori S.
I love these pencils! They write wonderfully, and you can choose to use it either as a clicker or a shaker pencil, as the shaker feature can be locked into an off position. I also love the colors. (I have the green and yellow. My daughter has the purple.) Also, the eraser works great and is a much larger size than you get with most mechanical pencils. It twists to bring up more of the eraser as you need it. ...

Sarasa Clip 47 Color Set

Michelle P.
I didn't think this would be available again and was really surprised to see it back in stock! they had some on eBay, but cheeze the price!!

What is missing from this set???...

DelGuard LX

Adrian R.
Great feel for a pencil, once it arrived it was put to use right away. I have a heavy hand when I need to take lots of notes and not once did the lead break. This is the only pencil you will need. Recommend buying the delgaurd lead....

Kokuyo Me Mechanical Pencil .7mm

Kelsey D.
There are honestly my favorite mechanical pencils ever. I use the .7 Uni colored pencil leads in these, and oh my goodness it's a match made in pencil heaven! Highly recommended, even if you usually prefer a finer lead....

Pilot Juice Fluorescent 6 Color Pack

Katie I.
I had bought these specifically to use on Archer and Olive's blackout pages. But instead of sitting nicely on the paper, the gel ink somehow sinks in like a marker, bleeding almost, leaving the color faded and messy. It looks decent on the white paper and kraft paper, but for some reason is useless on the paper I want it on....

Sarasa Select Shine Ink

Deborah E.
Just want to preface this by saying this is a review of the product itself and not Tokyo Pen Shop, which is always a pleasure to use!

I didn't love this ink because while the colors are beautiful and the finish is shimmery, this ink dried up long before I got the chance to finish the refills! I had this experience with all five shine colors, and I have other Sarasa inks that were purchased long before these and still write just fine. I wonder if a 0.5 tip is just asking a little much of a shimmer ink, because the tip seemed to get clogged even when they did work. I've tried a few things to revive these refills to no avail, which is so sad because they were beautiful while they worked. So I'd only buy these if you planned to use them within a month or two of opening them....

Midori MD Paper A5 Notebook Paper Cover

Douglas C.
The cover has a nice, simple, understated color. While it is thin, it does well with protecting the notebook. ...

Midori MD Paper A5 Notebook

Douglas C.
The paper is excellent and feels fairly smooth. The grid system is helpful for writing. Notebook lays flat if needed which is convenient for left-handed writers. ...

Pilot Juice Up

Douglas C.
Purchased the 0.5 blue and black pens. Writes smooth and fluid, fine tip, easy to write with. No noticeable smearing. ...