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I have been looking for small nib pens/pencils for years after my favorites had been discontinued; this shop provided everything and more. Everything...

S3 Sharp Drawing Pencil

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The Pilot S3 mechanical pencil is a precision draft pencil available in smaller-than-usual lead sizes. We love these, especially when we have to practice more intricate kanji.

  • .3 available in transparent black, transparent white, transparent pink, and transparent light blue, ; .4 available in transparent black and transparent red; .5 available in transparent black, transparent green, transparent yellow, transparent white, transparent blue, transparent light blue, transparent red, pink, and black; .7 available in transparent black and transparent blue, .9 available in transparent black and transparent green.
  • Refillable precision eraser under pencil lid


5 of 5 Stars
The barrel of the pencil is plastic, but it still has a weight to it. The tip of the pencil is very stable and writes really well.
5 of 5 Stars
I was amazed at how pretty they looked, I thought they were gonna be a dull transparent color, but the real thing was shiny, clear and absolutely beautiful. They look very sleek and the colors transparent black, light blue, blue, yellow, and red(the ones I got)are awesome, even the yellow(it looks more like a apricot to me)is fantastic (I never really liked yellow). It's cheaper than the other ones and just as pretty(I also got the Delgard and Orenz).What I also like is that they have the 0.3 and 0.4 lead that most other pencilss I know don't have. They are way better than my expectations and perfect for every day use. 9.5/10