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I LOVE pens. I am always on the hunt for the perfect pen. I recently discovered the Acroball series and fell in LOVE with them! Purchasing them...

Sakura Ballsign Knock


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Ball Sign Knock in your choice of .4 mm or .5 mm and 16 different colors!


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Got a 0.4mm Black and have honestly been pretty disappointed in it. It skipped like crazy right out of the box, and while it's improved a little with regular usage, I still get whole letters just not appearing during writing sessions. It's too bad because I really love the design otherwise: the click mechanism feels very secure, the gradually fading linear pattern around the grip is super cool looking, the grip itself is made of a really interesting material that's some sort of hard but very grippy plastic. It could just be that I got a dud, but there are so many good fine-tipped gel pens in this price range that I feel you'd be better off with.
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Creamy smooth and oh-so-sharp! This pen is both professionally bold and uniquely creative in design. One of my favorite's. _3