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Sonia Korean Sticker

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These glossy, bubbly, Sonia Stickers are like a work of art that you can disassemble and use to decorate your life. Each package comes with many tiny stickers for hours of entertainment.

We love these Korean-made stickers because of the exquisite attention to detail, and creative fun they encourage with children (young and old). Stickers range from small to very tiny, so this product is only suitable for children aged three and older.

  • Choose from over two dozen different designs!
  • Each sheet of stickers comes in a protective sleeve.
  • Paper backing behind each sheet has fun drawings.
  • The complete set includes all 25 designs.


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I bought the "Artic" and the "Bike" stickers because I thought they looked kind of cute on my computer screen. When I received them I was shocked at how much cuter they looked in person! On my screen, the bike "parts" (the wheels, handlebars, pedals, etc.) looked black, but they are actually silver and look metallic. The Artic stickers also have silver accents and look so much "crisper" in person. Both are VERY cute!