I ordered from Tokyopenshop quite a lot before, but I recently spent $100 on an order, and it was amazing! I was anxiously waiting out of my window...

007 Business Card Pocket File



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The Midori Business Card Pocket File is the best way to organize all the important business cards you're handed along the way. This is excellent for business travelers who want to keep track of contacts, or makes a great showcase for site-seeing travelers who pick up neat restaurant and café cards on their travels. Also, great for those who have amassed a collection of point cards.

  • 12 pockets
  • Fits the Standard Midori Traveler's Notebook
  • Translucent


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My Traveller's notebook is my life. It holds my calendar, receipts, notes, business cards, ID, credit cards... everything. I use the Business Card Pocket File - along with some separately-purchased RFID card sleeves - to hold all my cards (credit, debit, gift, rewards, library, etc.). It's the perfect size and lasts over 12 months with daily use.