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Traveler's Notebook



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This is the starter's kit of the Standard Size Midori Traveler's Notebook. It comes in a beautiful package which contains a cowhide cover, simple blank notebook of 64 pages, a cotton case, and a spare band (of a different color).

The more you use your Midori Traveler's Notebook, the more attractive and special the leather becomes. The leather will become richer and richer, imbued with your individuality. Don't be surprised if the leather is blemished easily as you first start using it. This is meant to be! As you use your notebook more and more and it develops its special 'gloss', the blemishes become less noticeable. Please consider this factor before you order a Midori Traveler's Notebook.

Midori has these beautiful leather covers crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Available in your choice of brown, black, or camel
  • Leather Cover / H218 x W130 x D10mm
  • Blank notebook (64 pages) / H210 x W110mm


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Finally, the perfect planner! I am hopelessly in love with this notebook. I love how I can make it do what I need it to do, not what it wants me to do. Thanks to its refills like the zip pockets and kraft folder pockets, it's big enough to carry everything I want in my planner, but it's compact enough to fit in most of my bags, all while being light enough not to add too much weight. The paper of the inserts is so utterly exquisite that my fountain pens glide across the page. The leather is thick, earthy-smelling and obviously of the highest quality. It feels buttery and smooth in my hands, and is shockingly durable. There are no rings to bend, tear apart or get caught on things in my bags, and I never have to worry about pages tearing or falling out. I expect this to last for years upon years, with the most basic of care. When I finally had to take a trip, it made me love it even more. I could tuck in airline tickets, train passes, hotel reservations and other itinerary information, p
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This is by far one of the coolest things I own! My boyfriend got it for me because I had been wanting one for so long. It's easy to use, compact (even when it's stuffed!), gorgeous, and it smells really good if you like earthy scents :D I love the inserts and how customizable it is. I love that I have access to accessories for my notebook on this website. It shipped quickly, and it's such a good price! Definitely recommending this website and product to stationary nerds like me. :)
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Tokyo Pen Shop is by far the best place to get authentic Midori stuff!!! I've done quite a bit of researching for the Midori notebook and refills. This site has it all. The shipping is super fast and you can track the progress. I Love my recent purchase. It really can be customized to fit you. Highly recommended :)