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Board Master Medium Chisel Tip

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The Boardmaster Wytebord Marker is Pilot's definitive solution for pen lovers who find themselves in front of the whiteboard. The ink is brighter, wetter, and more precise than the typical markers you will find in the tray of your conference room whiteboard. Writing over your previous marks adds color and strength instead of smearing or lightening the writing underneath. The tips are made out of a firmer material to give you more control over your lines, and there are many tip sizes and shapes to choose from. These markers have refillable ink reservoirs, and replacement tips are available.

This Medium Chisel Tip gives you the flexibility to create fine lines by using the edge of the tip, or very bold lines by drawing with the side. The variably sized chisel tip also creates beautiful handwriting for an experienced white-boarder.

Also, if your Board Masters will be traveling with you to different whiteboards, you will need a case. We recommend the Tatemo Soft Pen Case. The Tatemo is large enough to fit a complete set of even the thickest barreled Board Masters and opens into a magnetically-secured, standing pen cup for easy access. Never lose your favorite marker again!


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I really liked the writing of this whiteboard marker. There are two types of thickness, depending on the angle, and the way you hold the marker: Fine print and thick print. Also, depending on your ability to write, it is possible to have a Gothic style letter.