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I received my order today. I love the Hedgehog and Circle Seals Ice Cream stickers. So adorable. I think I will have to share with my granddaughters....

Irojiten Color Dictionary



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Tombow's Irojiten (color dictionary) is the most beautiful colored pencil set we've seen! Available in 3 sets of 3 volumes each, you will eventually want to collect all 9 volumes. Each volume holds a beautifully curated collection of 10 colored pencils (for a total of 30 pencils per set). Individual colors and Volume Sets also available.

  • Set 1 contains Vol. 1 Pale Tone 1, Vol. 2 Vivid Tone 1, and Vol. 3 Deep Tone 1. Pale Tone 1 colors: Orchid Pink, Coral Pink, Shell Pink, Narcissus, Lettuce Green, Ice Green, Aqua, Forget Me Not Blue, Lilac, and Pigeon Gray. Vivid Tone 1 colors: Cherry Red, Tangerine Orange, Dandelion, Chartreuse Green, Parrot Green, Peacock Blue, King Fisher, Lapis Lazuli, Iris Violet, and Ivory Black. Deep Tone 1 colors: Crimson, Chestnut Brown, Autumn Leaf, Maple Sugar, Olive Yellow, Elm Green, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Mulberry, and Taupe.
  • Set 2 contains Vol. 4 Pale Tone 2, Vol. 5 Deep Tone 2, and Vol. 6 Light Grayish Tone 1. Pale Tone 2 colors: Rose Pink, Apricot, Gamboge, Straw Yellow, Spring Green, Mint Green, Turquoise, Celeste Blue, Hyacinth Blue, and Crocus. Deep Tone 2 colors: Plum, Maroon, Terra Cotta, Bamboo, Mustard, Moss Green, Cactus Green, Spruce, Teal Blue, and Indigo. Light Grayish Tone 1 colors: Fawn, Cork, Sallow, Wax Yellow, Willow, Mist Green, Quartz Green, Porcelain Blue, Campanula Blue, and Sea Fog.
  • Set 3 contains Vol. 7 Fluorescence, Vol. 8 Very Pale Tone, and Vol. 9 Dull Tone. Fluorescence colors: Plastic Pink, Surprise Red, Equatorial Orange, Sunset Orange, Dazzling Sun, Firefly Yellow, Lightning Yellow, Neon Green, Flash Green, and Vigorous Green. Very Pale Tone colors: Cameo Pink, Almond Blossom, Ecru, Eggshell, Asparagus, Opal Green, Cascade, Horizon Blue, Lupine, and Verbena. Dull Tone colors: Cedar Wood, Cinnamon, Oil Yellow, Sage Green, Verdigris, Hummingbird, Jay Blue, Hydrangea Blue, Heather, and Tyrian Purple.

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