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Irojiten Volume Sets



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Have the 90 colors of the Irojiten Color Dictionary Singles overwhelmed you? Are you looking for an assortment of colors that compliment each other? Look no further than the Irojiten Color Dictionary Volume Complete Sets! Each 10 color set has a beautifully curated sampling of Irojiten colored pencils in different tones. Choose from 9 volumes.

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Note: These sets do not include the Irojiten Color Dictionary packaging. They include the individual pencils only.

  • Volume 1 - Pale Tone I, includes: Orchid Pink, Coral Pink, Shell Pink, Narcissus, Lettuce Green, Ice Green, Aqua, Forget Me Not Blue, Lilac, and Pigeon Gray.
  • Volume 2 - Vivid Tone I, includes: Cherry Red, Tangerine Orange, Dandelion, Chartreuse Green, Parrot Green, Peacock Blue, King Fisher, Lapis Lazuli, Iris Violet, and Ivory Black.
  • Volume 3 - Deep Tone I, includes: Crimson, Chestnut Brown, Autumn Leaf, Maple Sugar, Olive Yellow, Elm Green, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Mulberry, and Taupe.
  • Volume 4 - Pale Tone II, includes: Rose Pink, Apricot, Gamboge, Straw Yellow, Spring Green, Mint Green, Turquoise, Celeste Blue, Hyacinth Blue, and Crocus.
  • Volume 5 - Deep Tone II, includes: Plum, Maroon, Terra Cotta, Bamboo, Mustard, Moss Green, Cactus Green, Spruce, Teal Blue, and Indigo.
  • Volume 6 - Light Grayish Tone I, includes: Fawn, Cork, Sallow, Wax Yellow, Willow, Mist Green, Quartz Green, Porcelain Blue, Campanula Blue, and Sea Fog.
  • Volume 7 - Fluorescence, includes: Plastic Pink, Surprise Red, Equatorial Orange, Sunset Orange, Dazzling Sun, Firefly Yellow, Lightning Yellow, Neon Green, Flash Green, and Vigorous Green.
  • Volume 8 - Very Pale Tone, includes: Cameo Pink, Almond Blossom, Ecru, Eggshell, Asparagus, Opal Green, Cascade, Horizon Blue, Lupine, and Verbena.
  • Volume 9 - Dull Tone, includes: Cedar Wood, Oil Yellow, Cinnamon, Sage Green, Verdigris, Hummingbird, Jay Blue, Hydrangea Blue, Heather, and Tyrian Purple.

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