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Prefill Barrel



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The Zebra Prefill is a custom multi that lets you get pretty wild with your customization. The Prefill concept allows you to choose from Surari emulsion ink, Sarasa gel ink, Jim-Knock oil-based ink, and lead. You choose any ink type and color combo, ending up with a very customized pen. The Zebra Prefill barrel does not come pre-filled with any Prefill ink or lead cartridges, you will need to order them separately. The Prefill Barrels hold four of any Mechanical Pencil Prefill, Jim-Knock Prefill, Sarasa Prefill, or Surari Prefill.

  • Each barrel holds 4 ink or lead units of your choice, sold separately.
  • Solid barrel colors available in black, pink, light blue, magenta, and white.


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I got the Sparkling White barrel and it is so pretty! The locking mechanisms work well, and it was easy to load. It's a slim, lightweight body, but it doesn't feel cheap. I like the twist design at the tip, too! My favorite part is that I could load it with pink, purple, and orange inks (along with basic black). It's perfect for using with my planner!
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I love my purple flamingo barrel. I used Surari inks and a pencil mechanism to fill it. I use it everyday in my planner. Thank you for offering such great products Tokyo Pen Shop!
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I am obsessed with pens and recently had been looking online for cute and different pens. I came across the youtube video of Kimberly explaining the Zebra prefill pen and was instantly hooked! I went onto the website and was excited to see they had the deep red Vanitian pen I had wanted but couldn't find anywhere and quickly ordered it along with the inks she suggested in the video that I knew I would like. The package came quickly with a quick note from Kim hoping I'd love my pens. I don't love this pen...I LOVE THIS PEN!! It by far is the best pen I've ever had customized to what and how I want I want to use it! The video is very helpful, quick and to the point! I even showed the video to friends who were impressed and also didn't know the concept of a multi pen either. The pen writes so smooth. I ordered the Sarasa inks ( orange, pink, drk navy and purple) in .4 and absolutely love how they write. The Zebra Prefill barrel is actually smaller than I thought it would be which is nice