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Prefill Shine Barrel



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The Zebra Prefill is a custom multi that lets you get pretty wild with your customization. The Prefill concept allows you to choose from Surari emulsion ink, Sarasa gel ink, Jim-Knock oil-based ink, and lead. You choose any ink type and color combo, ending up with a very customized pen. The Zebra Prefill barrel does not come pre-filled with any Prefill ink or lead cartridges, you will need to order them separately. The Prefill Barrels hold four of any Mechanical Pencil Prefill, Jim-Knock Prefill, Sarasa Prefill, or Surari Prefill.

  • Each barrel holds 4 ink or lead units of your choice, sold separately.
  • Shiny color barrel designs available in: rose pink, glass black, sparkling white, and elegant violet.


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Love the glitter on the barrel and functionality of this pen. But do not over twist or drop this pen. Mine cracked. The plastic is more fragile than expected.