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Limited Edition Disney Sarasa Select 3 Color Barrel



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Disney X Sarasa Select 3 Color barrels have arrived! Choose from 3 different barrel designs. Please note: This is a custom multi barrel, and it does not come pre-filled with any refills. You must buy your refills separately. There are also limited edition refills compatible with this barrel!


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I bought the Winnie the Pooh design and I honestly have to say overall, it's a great product. Zebra releases a variety of limited edition barrels and spurs a collection desire in me. This was my very first sarasa select purchase so I decided to get a limited edition first as I can always get the standard barrels later. I love how slim and sleek the design is- perfect for smaller hands. I was expecting it to be thicker. The honey dripping down right on top of the grip section is just adorable. The pen is very lightweight even with three refills-be careful of drops. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product. The inks are great as well.