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Sarasa Select 3 Color Barrel



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The Zebra Sarasa Select is a custom multi that lets you get pretty wild with your customization. You choose any ink type and color combo, ending up with a very customized pen. The Zebra Sarasa Select barrel does not come pre-filled with any ink or lead cartridges, you will need to order them separately. The Sarasa Select Barrels hold three of any Mechanical Pencil Sarasa Select or Sarasa Select Gel Ink Refills.

  • Each barrel holds 3 ink or lead units of your choice, sold separately.
  • Sarasa Select barrel designs available in: black, white, coral pink, blue-green, and magenta.


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While I am a die-hard fan of Pilot's Coleto multi pen and its ink, especially the 1000 4-color barrel and 0.5 tip, I chose to purchase the Sarasa because I enjoy Sarasa's gel ink. Bought it in blue green and chose to fill it with the blue green, blue black, and magenta refills. The grip width is comfortable to hold and the body design is a playful change from the more reserved look of the Coleto 1000. I'm quite satisfied with my purchase!